Eye Reviver


Eye Reviver

DURATION: 20 min.

Provides complete rejuvenation and relaxation to the delicate eye area. Through intense hydration the eye area is left nourished, lifted and refreshed.

Skintype: Restoring tired and puffy eyes.

40 €

The therapist will customize your treatments according to your needs.
Our skincare treatments are suitable for all skin types.
Facials are always done for relaxation, beauty and improvement of health factors related to skin.

Epigen Depuff Pollution Shield

Eye Serum 15 ml

Protective, lightweight eye serum that helps to shield the youthful appearance of the skin from external aggressors, such as pollution. Formulated with the same epigenetic peptide as the face serum, it helps to boost skin’s own cleaning process at cellular level, slow skin cells aging and accelerate the epidermis cellular regeneration. It also contains depuffing actives that help to reduce the look of eyebags and dark circles. Its cooling ceramic applicator helps to deliver an awakened, well-rested, youthful look to the eye area.

Epigen Depuff