Stress recovery and anti-pollution treatment


Stress recovery and anti-pollution treatment

DURATION: 120 min.

Supporing the body´s own detox system by activating the lymph, this treatment combines manual and QMS formulated products to stimulate and help the skin recover from the efffect ofbcortisol, our stress hormone, on the skin. This treatment leaves the client feeling refreshed and renewed from the daily aspects that can case the skin to become dll and tired.

Skintype: stressed, tired skin for men & women.

195 €

The therapist will customize your treatments according to your needs.
Our skincare treatments are suitable for all skin types.
Facials are always done for relaxation, beauty and improvement of health factors related to skin.

EpiGen Polution Rescue Overnight

Mask 75 ml

This luxurious foam mask has been inspired by the recent findings in epigenetic science to help keep skin cells active for longer. Its advanced formula has been designed with carefully selected ingredients that can help increase skin’s resistance to stress, whilst providing intensive moisture and care. This way, the skin can “recharge its batteries” for a radiant, healthy, youthful appearance.

Epigen Polution Rescue