Spa Treatments





Aromatherapy Relaxing Massage

A revitalizing massage using aromatic oils and orientate to simulate circulation and release muscle tension…

Sport Massage

Traditional western massages techniques focus in simulate circulation and release muscle tension…

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep massage involves firm pressure and slow slides to reach the deeper layers of muscles or fascia…



California Massage

Using long and fluid movements to treat gently the body and myofascial release to create a complete sensation of well being.

Lomi-Lomi Massage

Moments and pressures applied with the forearm, elbows and fingers to promote circulation and relaxation and provides you spiritual and emotional benefits…

Hot Stones

Introduce the hot basaltstones in centain bodyspots to bring you to sedative effect.

Aroma Herbal Compress

Herbs including ginger, tumeric, plai and lemongrass are wrapped in a muslin compress, steamed and applied directly onto the skin during Aroma Massage Session…

Traditional Thai Massage

Therapeutic massage with or withhout oil applying gentle acupressure following the energetic lines and stretching tecniques.



Back & Arms Massage

Soft and deep massage focused on back, arms and hands…

Head Massage

Soft and deep massage focused on head…

Head & Shoulders Massage

A massage to relax tension in the upper body and release head and neck pains…



Foot Reflex Massage

Foot and leg massage working in the stagnation of energy flow, helps detoxify the body, improving digestion and circulation.

Lymphatic Drainage

A soft and lightness treatment without oil that improve the circulation system and help in the eliminiation of toxic sustainces.

Chinei Tsang Massage

Organs massage technique headed to the stannation of energy flow, helps detoxify the body, improving digestion and circulation…



Facial Treatments




Deep pore cleanse facial

Provides an intense cleansing and refining treatment to the skin through the combination of deep pore purification…

Sensitive skin re-balance facial

Clears impurities, calms inflammations and regenerates the basic functions of the skin, which are important in improving the overall wellness of the skin…

Collagen rejuvenating facial

It starts with a soothing back massage to calm and relax you before the deep cleansing facial…

Activator Facial

We apply warm towels on your face, followed by a deep exfoliation to prepare the skin for the extraction…

Stress recovery and anti-pollution treatment

A variety of massage techniques are performed throughout this treatment…





Eye Reviver

Provides complete rejuvenation and relaxation to the delicate eye area. Through intense hydration the eye area is left nourished, lifted and refreshed.

Oxygen Boost

Stimulates the skin’s metabolism and skin cell renewal process to leave the complexion radiant and revitalised, ideal for boosting tired skin.

Neck & Decolette

Designed to restore the firmness of the decollete and neck area. This treatment contains our special algae mask moisturized the skin and make fine sleep lines disappear.

Lip zone repair

Delivers targeted treatment to help redefine the lip contour and restore the lip zone to a smoother, more youthful appearance.




Body Treatments




Mallorca Sea salt full body scrub

Full body scrub that leverages the extraordinary properties of Majorcan sea salt and the detoxifying Epson salt…

Refresh & Regeneration with Aloe Vera

For sun-damaged skin. This delicate massage is applied to reinforce the natural regeneration of your skin.







Manicure / Pedicure

Filling, cuticle care and traditional polish.

Sellac Manicure / Pedicure

Enjoy a very long-lasting manicure and a permanent color from CND.

Premium Physica Manicure / Pedicure

A complete ritual starting with an exfoliation followed by conditioning and moisturizing,…

Gentleman Manicure / Pedicure

Filing, cuticle care and traditional polish.

Gentleman Premium Physica Manicure / Pedicure






Lower Leg


Complete Leg


Bikini Line


Hollywood / Brazilian




Eyebrown Shape


Complete lash and eyebrow tint & shape


Pampering Time